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#4 - BurningSorrow

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September 13th, 2010

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11:47 pm - #4
So i thought i would add another entry. I said i would type here everyday but that has not been happeneing soooorrrrryyyy.
Anyways, well it has been a weird couple of days, started to see who my real freinds are and who is not. I got to see the colors of some ppl and understood why some ppl left. It been good. i dont mind what as happened. I started talking to some one from my past tonight and it was like we never stopped talkin. i was so happy. i most likely will be hanging out with him tomorrow. its going to be weird cuz its been like forever. but its nice that we can still talk. its good. i had some ppl walk away or take a break from me. but i dont see it as a bad thing. I have been told i need to change and grow up and stop being so horriable but i dont see what they see. but that is their personal views. they can think and feel how ever they want cuz i am not going to change who i am for others to be happy. i have my best friends and thats all that matters to me. they love me for me and dont care about flaws. some on the other had thats all the see and in the end that will hurt them and not me. but thats their choices right. well i dont know what else to add. my horse is coming home and i am so happy to see him. i even got invited out to bc to ride by one of my besssstttt friendsssss. i am so excited. she is awesome. i am happy we are so close. she is wicked. my life is starting to get to where i believe it should be. everyone who is in my life are here cuz they are ment to be, and who ever has left well thats what they wanted and thats what they got. I am starting to go to church more often and i glad. i hope to get closer to God. I think its what i need right now, And i can thank my best friend for that, I LOVE YOU Girl. thanks . well i think i am done typing for now. and i will write again soon. i love this.

talk to you all very soooooon

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Greatness of Our God by Natalie Grant

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