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# 6 - BurningSorrow

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November 14th, 2011

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02:53 pm - # 6
Hey Everyone

I know it has been for ever since i have last posted, so i thus decided that it was time to write something down. Kinda an update of my life. A lot has changed as i see its been almost a year since i last posted. Well here goes.

My life now: My life has changed a lot since Jan. I met an really amazing guy and moved in with him this month. He has been my inspiration not to cut anymore. I am, as of today, one month clean of any cuts. Its a weird feeling to not have any urges to do so. its different. I don't really miss it. When i am having one of my days where that's all i want to do, he talks me through it and the want goes away. He is really a life saver if he knows it or not. Other then the new boy. My life have changed in many ways. such  as i am currently back in school, upgrading for university and hope to get a good choice of courses in school. (Post secondary). I am not working at the moment. Even tho i wish i was working. I moved out on my own like 5 months ago again and i was living with a good friend. ( Mitch) then mark moved in and everything went to shit. That's when i met Adam and fell in love with him. He is awesome. I have never had a guy treat near as good as Adam does. He is literally what i love to wake up to every morning. But other then that. Fliks is growing up. She is almost 2 now. and meeks. he is almost 12. wow time flies. I am almost 20. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. Its been awhile and i forget to put all my thoughts in order. I had another traumatic thing happen again in my life. I lost my other best friend again. Grant. He committed suicide in august. That damn near killed me. It was exactly 2 weeks before Lyle's 4 year anniversary.I was hoping to never go through that again. But you know it happened and i am slowly handling that day by day. I miss him a lot. He was my rock. I look at his picture and think about him often. Its hard. Really hard. It took nearly 4 years to get over Lyle and now i have to go through it again with Grant. I miss him so much. I post on his Facebook regularly. And plan on getting a tattoo in his honor. I loved Grant. He was the best friend i could have asked for after everything that happened. Its unbelievable that he is actually gone. I wish i could just go over to his place one more time and have one of our amazing heart to hearts like before. But that wont happen, not until i see him again up there by them there pearly gates. Adam is doing his best to help me through it, but i know its difficult for him to do so due to the fact that he never met Grant and never got to truly see what he meant to me. But i love him for trying and doing what he can. Other then that. Nothing much has changed. I am friends with Alex again and kinda friends with krys and mark. But i am trying my best to get away from that. Its all drama now. Drugs and Drama. I don't need that in my life. Well I will post again soon, once i get a chance, and have a thought on what to write. Till then..

Echo Jordan XOXOXO
Current Mood: blahblah

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