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#1 - BurningSorrow

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July 6th, 2010

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08:53 pm - #1

The Distance less traveled is a road of shattered dreams
pain and sorrows left behind are backward flowing streams
You go through
life imagining all the things you want
But before you understand them all they'll do is haunt
I been alive for 20 years I watched them come and go
And here I sit again my
friend not having any to hold
So take my word I mean you well embrace your
life right now
For right before your weary eyes, you'll wonder when and how.
I made mistakes throughout my
life; I've tried to make them right
But each and every time I try I end up here at night
I can't explain the way things work I just know that they are
Don't look too much ahead of you; you may just look too far
Love is another option; you'll have throughout your
But always keep in mind my friend; it can hurt much like a knife
It can wake you every morning, or put you in your grave
Everyone must take that
fall, just stand there and be brave
At some point in your
life, you'll find a special friend
One that disregards your flaws and loves you till the end
Don't confuse the
love you feel it's different than before
Hold on tight to what it is, letting go will make you poor
best friend in my eyes is much more than friend
Its understanding, loyalty, dedication to the end
Its long car rides, swings and slides, its ice cream late at night
It's sharing thoughts, and frozen drinks, it's that petty little fight
friend I share these feelings to let you know I care
I'd never turn my back on you, not even on a dare
So understand this one last thing before I say goodbye
I made this
poem just for you, my best friend till I die'

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