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#2 - BurningSorrow

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August 30th, 2010

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08:52 pm - #2
Well, I have not posted in a long while so i decided maybe it should be a good time to just update everyone on my life.  Well What is there to post about. I have a 6 month old puppy who is a pain in my ass, but i love her just the same. She is a ball of fun. She is so hyper and energitc all the time.  But thats her. I have a loving boyfriend that treats me great. At first we had our rocky ness and broke up a couple of times but that happens. He is amazing he worships the ground i walk on and i love it. He is currently takeing his law degree in university. I am so proud of him. He is also a Canadian Soldier. And i am super proud of hime for wanting to do that. I will miss him when he leaves though. Then of course you cant forget. Lexi. Her and i have been through a bunch of rough patches and they do not need to be named becuase she and i both know exactly what i am talking about. Her and i are now okay which i think we are anyways. I still have no figured out what is wrong with my knee. I hope we do. lol I dont really know what else to type in here. OHHHH YA..... Austin and i are really not that close anymore and we are fighting more then ever. I hate it because him and i were so close at one point but that is all different now. I am thinking that i might start posting more regular and more often on here. And see what happens. I do have a journal in which i write most of what is happening in it. But this is much easier. But i am starting to go to the gym more often now. I need to lose weight. All my doctors and chrio say its in my best interest or i am going to be in trouble in the next few years. I dont want that. I rather be in shape. So starting on thursday of to the gym i goooooooooo. hi ho hi ho working out here i go.... lol sorry about that. just being random. I also have to start eating better. I am thinking about talkint to lexi and seeing if we can be work out buddies. even tho we are so far apart. We can just use LIVE JOURANL as our home base. We should type out what we ate how many calories there is in everything and how much daily activity we did. Like for her i think it will be mainly walking but that is a good start. And then when we do see each other again. We will be like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME.. and all happier. I believe it will make us both happier and we wouldnt fight half as much as we used to. But that is up to her. I am going to do it euther way. I have notcied that it is getting colder and colder out here in cochrane. it is only like plus 5 right now. and it sucks. cuz i am just setting in to my summer mood and now it got to go to winter. lol. SHIT NO WINTER CLOTHES. Oh well i will have to see what i  can do. I am also getting more in to reading and learning more in to my vocabulary. And i think if you read this over, there will be less mistakes than before. HEHEHE. Also, i have to go sign up for income asstaince as well as upgrading for school. I am going to call st.tims and see what i can do. See if there is any way i can come in and upgrade this year. If not i will just go to the adult school here in cochrane and sign up for english. I need 30-1 not 30-2 so i can got to univeristy in the fall of 2011. I am going to take my social work degree and then i am moving. but i have not told LEXI yet, And i gues she will find out when she reads it here ( i bet she just called me and asked WHAT!?!?!?! WHERE!?!?!! WHEN!?!?!? WITH WHO!>!>!!) but that her. So i wont type in here where i am going so i can tell her my self. I am excited, it time i grow up and start figureing everything out for my self. ADULT TIME!!!! lol Any who i think i am pretty much done typeing for now. As my window is open and my fingers are starting to freeze offffffff!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Any ways I will post tomorrow. LOVE YOU ALL.... CALL ME LEXI!!!!!

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